Cannes Film Festival

Uma Thurman in Atelier Versace. I wished she got tanned before wearing the dress. However the dress is gorgeous, loved the color and the accessories are well chosen. The hairstyle is okay but I would have done it differently with the hair color.   Bella Hadid in Alexandre Vauthier. Loved this effortless look by Bella….

How to choose and wear your suits?

When it comes to fashion and the etiquette of how you should wear or buy clothes, men might find it difficult to do it right. So here’s some tips for you:

Another contouring lesson

Contouring: -Contour along the corner of forehead -Thin the nose by contouring the sides of the bridge. -Add blush or bronzer between the highlight and contour shades. -Contour along the jaw lines. Highlights: -Highlight the centre of your head. -Lift the brow with a highlight under the arc. -Brigde of the nose. -Make lips look…

Eyeshadows ft Eye Color

Some girls find it difficult to pick the color of the eyeshadow they should put on before they draw the eyeliner. Based on that, we would like to present to you the colors of the eyeshadows every girl should use according to her eyes color

What’s the point of Contouring your face?

Contouring your face can hide easily some scars or any mark you don’t like in your face aka make your nose look thinner or your cheeks filler. It depends on the person. K stars shared a picture about the reasons why we contour our face and it’s really important to know them: As you can…