Murex d’or Event! Who wore the best outfit?

I know it’s been a long time since i posted for the last time. But this time, we’re back with more looks, trends and fashion tips. Yesterday was the big event that lebanese and arab celebrities wait for to dress up the best they can. Unfortunatly, some didn’t do so or they thought that they…

How to choose and wear your suits?

When it comes to fashion and the etiquette of how you should wear or buy clothes, men might find it difficult to do it right. So here’s some tips for you:

How to coordinate your clothes’s colors?

As you know, not everything in your closet goes together. It is very important to know which colors goes with other colors. As you can see here, Taylor Swift s wearing a blue coat. You can wear this blue also called “bleu ciel” in french with Black and Grey/white. Green and Brown! The colors of…

Types of Phobias 

Have you ever had the fear of deep water? Of blood? Of gaining weight or others? Here’s what we call these 18 types of phobias Credits pictures : @RandomPhotos

Imagine this as the next trend! 

Fashion is one of the best thing a girl could be obsessed with. It’s not only about clothes, make up and brands but it’s also a lifestyle! But when fashion ends up as a crime, would you keep following it? Imagine yourself wearing this shirt! Don’t be surprised, it’s not a trend yet.. But imagine…