Eyeshadows ft Eye Color

Some girls find it difficult to pick the color of the eyeshadow they should put on before they draw the eyeliner. Based on that, we would like to present to you the colors of the eyeshadows every girl should use according to her eyes color

What’s the point of Contouring your face?

Contouring your face can hide easily some scars or any mark you don’t like in your face aka make your nose look thinner or your cheeks filler. It depends on the person. K stars shared a picture about the reasons why we contour our face and it’s really important to know them: As you can…

Make up expiry dates 

Have you ever wondered if your make up tools have an expiration date? Well actually they do have an expiry date and here’s the list: Mascara 3 months    Liquid Liners 6 months    Foundation 6-12 months    Lipgloss 1 year    Concealer 1 year    Nail Polish 2 years     Lipstick 2 years   …

Celebrities make up disasters (pics inside)

Have you ever seen someone with so much make up on their face that you just wanna take a tissue and wipe it off?  Make up should be used to make you look prettier not to get people scared of you. So pay attention and be careful by using the right foundation and bronzer. Pick…

How to contour your nose in few steps

 Credits to : Deven Hopp –     There are lots of crazy contouring tutorials out there, but if marking up your face like an art project doesn’t appeal to you, don’t fret—you can still get a sculpted look with a more natural, real-life finish. One of the trickiest features to get right? The nose….