Murex d’or Event! Who wore the best outfit?


I know it’s been a long time since i posted for the last time. But this time, we’re back with more looks, trends and fashion tips.

Yesterday was the big event that lebanese and arab celebrities wait for to dress up the best they can. Unfortunatly, some didn’t do so or they thought that they did so.

Fashion is not maths. There no right and false, correct and incorrect. Everytging could be wore but not everything is suitable to a huge event like this one.

The main idea is to guide the celebrities so they can pick a good outfit.

Let’s start with Carla Haddad, the host of the event. Well it seems that she heard lots of bad comments about the outfit that’s why posted a picture of her outfit with an intelligent caption: we dare… we don’t care. Well it seems dear carla that you care so much but i must say that the dress is not catastrophique as it seems from the comments of people but it is not suitable for such an event, specially that you are the host. Pratically a host should were a long dress, an Haute Couture dress to be exact! Murex d’or is not the MTV awards for us so you can go for a daring look, it’s an event as the oscars for us, you don’t wear that for oscars! 

Another “not suitable” dress by Maguy Bou Ghosn, it’s not that I didn’t like it but the fact that Mag could have worn a better dress because she have a good taste or shall i say a safe taste and this dress was more suitable for a dinner not for an award event.

As for Pamela El kik, i really liked the whole story behind the dress even though it could look much better on a taller girl. The whole dress looks gorgeous but i must say that a good necklace would’ve made her neck part look better. 

On the other hand, i didn’t get the clutch part.

As for Mais Hamdan, the dress is gorgeous let’s be honest but the fact that it was copied! I mean Youssef El Jasmi is known for copying the designs even thought he’s talented. Anyways she looked gorgeous but the hairstyle could’ve made better. A straight hair look could me made everyday.

Mona Zaki in a ballroom dress, loved the color and the shape of it. I really wished another up-cut but she still made a good impression with this one.

As for Dalida Ayach, this lady is so classy. Her outfits are on point, not too daring true but not boring at all! 

As for Rim Saidi, she looked gorgeous! The color matchs her skin and the make up and hair were different and I love when celebrities make a change, a good one!

The big surprise was Nancy Ajram! She didn’t wear back or white not even ruffles! That’s a good change! Loved the dress and let me tell you something, these kind of dresses (this one and Cherine’s) does not look in pictures as good as they look live!

Nadine Nassib Njeim, this woman is flawless! She can make garbage look good on her! I mean she could have made a better choice but as I said there’s no mistakes in her look!

She may not be a class A celebrity, but i could not stop myself from posting her look! Gorgeous TV host Reine Sabty looked amazing with her Ali Younes gown! Love the hair, the accessories, the shoes and clutch! Pas une seule faute ma chère, bravo!

As for the beautiful Cherine, she’s one of my top choices as #BestDressed by Nicolas Jebran! The dress looks magical live and even on the video she posted on Instagram!

As for my last pick, I went for Cyrine Abdel Nour’s look! A daring perfect look! This jumpsuit by Zuhair Murad is everything! I loved how it made her body look so in shape! Would have preferred another hairstyle but that’s okay


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