Everyone can be a fashionista, few can be “à la mode”

As much as I love fashion, people are making me hate the word “fashionista”. Being a fashionista does not mean that you can wear some nice outfits.. everyone can do that! Being a “fashionista” or shall I say a fashion influencer is not that easy! You have to create your own unique style,a style that can distinguish you from others.

Unfortunatly, the word “fashionista” now has nothing to do with it true meaning. Social media is making it worth. Every girl wants to show the world that she’s pretty and wear “des habits signés, de marque” … that you can find in any outlet store. The point is not well made yet. No I have no problem with you, dear ladies dressing well but stop tagging the stores, stop telling us from where you bought these pants and this shirt .. we don’t care! Stop making it worse by adding the word “fashionista” to your bio and as a hashtag under every picture! 

I would love to write about the fashion crimes that i am seeing on instagram and facebook but I have no time for that, it could take years and honestly nothing will change.

Maybe this quote from Coco Chanel will help


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