First hot picks: Top 5 lebanese WAGS!

It seems like our lebanese basketball players know how to win on and off the court.

 We’re used to watch the players on tv or meet them but did you get the chance to meet their soulmates?

Some of them are true fashionistas,sweethearts, beauty queens, business women and some of them are really arrogant and think they own the world.

Anyway let’s just foccus on our top 5 lebanese Wags for this month.

As we get to know them more on social media, it gets easier to pick our top 5.

 Wags with private accounts are not included in our stat.

Krystel Loutfi

Former Miss Lebanon runner up, krystel has it all. Besides her beauty, basketball fans adore her for being one great supporter for her boyfriend, Elie Rustom and for being sweet with his fans. 

Known for being a beauty queen and model in ads, Krystel could easily steel the spotlight from her partner. 

This couple never stops sharing their happiness and advantures together. Seeing their faces makes you wanna fell in love.

Maria Jarawan

Meet Mrs Akl to be, who recently celebrated her birthday. As she posted on instagram : 27 and fabulous, we’re here to comfirm it!

Mimi, as she likes to be called is one of the most beautiful inside out WAGS. She’s not afraid of showing her love to fiancé Ralf without making us regret following her. She’s the kind of people you would like to hang out and discover nightlife with.

Maria is a fashion addict and we just love her taste. 

Can’t wait to see them on their wedding day! One of the most ‘down to earth’ couple!

Lama El Khalil

If you love fashion and clutchs, following Lama is a must. I love how she’s proving herself and achieving her dreams as a designer. 

A very beautiful face with a very beautiful soul. She inspires me a lot because she achieved a lot without using her boyfriend’s name *Ahmad Ibrahim. She never fell in the shadow of being JUST a WAG.

Much respect for these two as individual workers first and as a couple in second place.

Yara Ghabris Dandash

The newly married Wag made it to our top list for being one of the beautiful bride this season.

Actually, I recently followed her and really think she’s a fun person. In fact, we could not imagine a better half for Hassan. They are both really good looking and REAL! This is rare to find.

Sending you the best wishes and congratulations again Mr and Mrs Dandash.

Hana Richie

A combination of Nadine Njeim and Kim Kardashian. I actually don’t know much about Hana but she’s a real beauty.

While scrolling her insta account, I knew she was a good person and very supportive to fiancé Rony Fahed. She may not be known much before the couple made it official and got engaged but she was always there for her partner.

Great couple on many levels, I think the reason why they’re so happy is that they keep things private.

So this was our first hotpick wags for this season. Keep you posts clean ladies, we got our eyes on you!😁


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