How to coordinate your clothes’s colors?

As you know, not everything in your closet goes together. It is very important to know which colors goes with other colors.

As you can see here, Taylor Swift s wearing a blue coat. You can wear this blue also called “bleu ciel” in french with Black and Grey/white.

Green and Brown! The colors of nature! Be sure that Nature is one hell of a fashionista, if the colors you saw on a flowers goes together  of course they do on you!

Pastel colors for a summer look!!

These colors are very dearing!! Love the combo of red,yellow and blue! Same for the fushia, pink and dark blue!

Yellow is one great color… Some people don’t know how to use it so they end up looking like an easter egg! Now you know with which colors yellow goes with!

Coordination between Pastel Colors and Strong/Dark colors!

Autumn look !

For an evening look, it is better to keep it simple! One color with a nice cut of dress is all you need to shine!


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