How to coordinate your clothes’s colors?

As you know, not everything in your closet goes together. It is very important to know which colors goes with other colors. As you can see here, Taylor Swift s wearing a blue coat. You can wear this blue also called “bleu ciel” in french with Black and Grey/white. Green and Brown! The colors of…

The youngest designer in the world

A 5 years old girl became the youngest designer in the world! it qll started when her mother started supporting her dayghter and published her designs on social media. A Fashion Company in the US signed with her a contract to transform her designs from paper to real dresses! 

Types of Phobias 

Have you ever had the fear of deep water? Of blood? Of gaining weight or others? Here’s what we call these 18 types of phobias Credits pictures : @RandomPhotos

Demi Lovato shocked us at the Met Gala 

As much as I love Demi Lovato, i hated her dress yesterday! This dress is so old and made her look like my grandma! The yellow thing pissed my eyes off! I don’t know how the gorgeous beautiful singer agreed on wearing this to the met Gala. On the other hand, i adored her hairstyle…

Rita Ora accused for copying Kim Kardashian and Beyonce!

Rita Ora is being accused by people on social media of copying one of Beyonce’s old Met Gala dresses that was also copied by Kim Kardashian last year! Beyonce and Kim’s dresses are similar but as people said on social media Ora’s dress has the same idea.. Nothing new plus it’s so last year! Kim…